Finally published: A dimensional approach to schizotypy

Springer finally published the book I edited with Paul H. Lysaker: A dimensional approach to schizotypy. Conceptualization and treatment. It is the first book discussing schizotypy from a clear-cut clinical point of view. Amazing scholars have previously discussed this topic, but usually through the lens of neuroscience or experimental psychopathology. I was happy to read the foreword by Bob Krueger and the endorsment by Carla Sharp and Anna Docherty highlighting this novelty.

Here we talk about how to treat the clinical manifestations of schizotypy. In doing so, we invited a team of experts in the field. The book is organized in three section. In the first one we present a common theoretical and experimental background, discussing diverse point of views. In the second one five transdiagnostic processes (metacognition, mentalizing, attachment, self-criticism, interpersonal criticism) are presented as core targets of conceptualization and intervention. And in the final section several therapeutic approaches (CBT, CFT, MBT, MERIT, ESTS, etc.) are described consistent with previous knowledge.

I hope that this book may foster clinical research in the field, considering how evidence suggests that one out of ten persons would present schizotypal traits. I’m just sorry that Paul has passed away unexpectedly just a few days after the submission. In the afterword, I tried to summarize these mixed feelings and how much I (and every one in the field) owe to Paul Lysaker. He was a wonderful friend, and an amazing scholar.

Cheli, S., & Lysaker P. H. (Eds.) (2023). A Dimensional Approach to Schizotypy. Conceptualization and Treatment. Springer.

Please note that foreword, introduction, conclusions and afterword are freely downloadable from Springer website.