In the last few years I have been involved in three main projects I am the principal investigator of. These projects are aimed to outline and test three specific forms of interventions for schizotypy, perfectionism, burnout in nurses.

  • The first one, Evolutionary Systems Therapy for Schizotypy (ESTS), is an integrative forms of individual therapy for those struggling with schizotypal traits. ESTS is rooted in evolutionary approaches, metacognitively oriented psychotherapy and compassion focused therapy (Cheli, 2023). It comprises four modules (sharing; subjective systems; intersubjective systems; consolidating) that have been tested through a pilot RCT (Cheli et al., 2023). The preliminary findings suggest that ESTS is feasible, safe and possibly reporting high rate of remission from diagnosis and low rate of drop-out.

  • The second one, Mindful Compassion for Perfectionism (MCP), is a group therapy to support persons with prominent perfectionistic traits. MCP has been described as one of the possible specific interventions to test on perfectionism. After two cases series, we are now conducting an RCT aimed to explore its clinical utility. The two cases series (Cheli et al., 2020; Cheli et al., 2022) confirmed how MCP is feasible and probably effective in targeting perfectionistic traits. The RCT, even if it is a pilot one, should extend our understanding of.

  • The last one, Mindful Compassion Care Program (MCCP), is a group intervention for either preventing or reducing burnout in nurses. A first attempt was outlined to test the effectiveness of a minful compassion program to reduce burnout in nursing students (Cheli et al., 2020). Then, a few cases series were conducted on nurses during COVID-19. Now a we are conducting an RCT at the University of Verona for confirming the effectiveness of MCCP in profesional nurses (Bodini et al, 2022).

As they are ready, I will publish below short video-summaries of projects!

Evolutionary Systems Therapy for Schizotypy