Hello! I’m a clinical psychologist and researcher in mental health sciences. My main area of interest is personality.

Clinical practice

I have been trained in different therapeutic approaches that I daily use in my clinical practice. I believe that understanding one’s own personality and promoting self-compassion are the first steps in pursuing a life worth living.

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Who I am

I am a clinical psychologist (PsyD, PhD), adjunct professor at the St. John’s University in Rome, and founding president of Tages Onlus, a charity member of Mental Health Europe.

I am also associate editor of Mental Health Science (Wiley), member of the editorial board of BMC Psychology (Springer) and of the advisory board of Oxford University Press book series on Treatment that Works.

I have worked for 15 years in the Italian public healthcare services and at the University of Florence, while founding and leading Tages Charity.

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I am author of over 100 peer-reviewed papers and book chapters in English and Italian. I’m also the editor of an Italian book series on recent advances in psychotherapy and have served as guest editor of a few special issues.

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Automatic Self Recriminations and Perfectionism

Automatic self recriminations place an important role in perfectionism. Persons with perfectionistic traits usually experience internal dialogues in the form of elf-condemnatory, self-blaming spiraling. In a new article published on the Journal of Personality Assessment, we present a new measure to assess this kind of internal dialogue. The new Automatic Self-Recrimination Scale (ASRS) has been …

Is Compassion Focused Therapy Effective?

In a recently published meta-analysis we discuss this question: Is Compassion Focused Therapy effective? I was part of an amazing team led by Nicola Petrocchi on this topic. We conducted a series of meta-analyses on diverse positive and negative outcomes of trials on Compassion Focused Therapy. The main finding is that Compassion Focused Therapy is …

Finally published: A dimensional approach to schizotypy

Springer finally published the book I edited with Paul H. Lysaker: A dimensional approach to schizotypy. Conceptualization and treatment. It is the first book discussing schizotypy from a clear-cut clinical point of view. Amazing scholars have previously discussed this topic, but usually through the lens of neuroscience or experimental psychopathology. I was happy to read …