Clinical practice

I have been trained in different therapeutic approaches that I daily use in my clinical practice. I believe that understanding one’s own personality and promoting self-compassion are the first steps in pursuing a life worth living.


I usually start any consultation with a two-session module aimed at understanding the request and assessing both the impact of the presenting problems and the unique personality of the client. Consistent with modern approaches to psychotherapy (and psychopathology), I believe that the personal experience is the core of the problem and the key for any possible change.

I offer indivual interventions (either online or in presence) with a specific focus on personality and its disorders. I occasionally lead group and couple interventions. My main areas of expertise are personality disorders, trauma and stress related disorders, interpersonal and emotional problems.

As director of a mental health team dedicated to English speaking clients, I can always count on the support of my colleagues either by referring the person to an expert in the field or asking for a tailored and integrated support (e.g., psychiatry visit, dietary counseling, etc.). If you want to better know our team or clinical model access the embedded links.


I believe that each client and presenting problem better responds to a specific and tailored treatment plan. That said, I usually integrate a structured approach to case formulation and treatment plan as common in cognitive therapy with experiential practices derived from mindfulness and compassion based approaches. Particular attention is paid to the here and now capacity of the client to deal with daily challanges (therapy included).