Threatening beliefs in schizotypy

A new paper on the role of threatening beliefs in schizotypy has been published. In this study we showed in a large sample (n= 2127) how threatening beliefs about self and others moderate the association between psychoticism and psychosocial distress.

We defined an overarching factor, consistent with my model of schizotypy (Cheli, 2023; Cheli et al., 2023), that comprises: severe form of self-criticism (hating, feel ingdisgusted with oneself), fear of other’s compassion (perceive the other’s compassion as threatening), and socially prescribed perfectionism (the others want me to adhere to standards I cannot achieve). The total factor and the single components were significant moderator of the association between schizotypal traits and distress (again an overarching factor comprising anxiety, depression and stress).

The paper supports the model of Evolutionary Systems Therapy for Schizotypy and its targets. Despite these factors are relevant also in other conditions, our analysis showed how schizotypy is particularly affected by with an explained variance which is double that of other personality traits.

Cheli, S., Cavalletti, V., & Hopwood, C. (2023). Threatening Beliefs About Self and Others Moderate the Association Between Psychoticism and Psychological Distress. The Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease ():10.1097/NMD.0000000000001726, September 21, 2023. |