A large meta-analysis on CFT

A team of international researchers I’m a part of, just concluded and submitted a large meta-analysis on the effectiveness of Compassion Focused Therapy – CFT. CFT is an an evolutionarily oriented psychotherapy developed by Paul Gilbert (one of the co-author of the study). The main focus of the interventions is the soothing system, a mammalian affect regulation system that is usually triggered by social safeness. In humans, this system may be impaired by either external (eg interpersonal criticism) or internal (eg self-criticism) threats.

In this meta-analysis we screened a large number of studies and explored the effectiveness of CFT in improving negative and positive mental health outcomes. Our team, led by Nicola Petrocchi and Cristina Ottaviani, reported a moderate to large effect size in clinical and non-clinical samples.

We also found a relevant heterogeneity, urging scholars in CFT to outline larger-scale higher quality randomized controlled trial. That said, the final analysis of our meta-analysis included 47 RCTs and 7875 partecipants, suggesting how CFT may be considered an effective intervention for a variety of symptoms and disorders.

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